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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Start/stop is just a freaking gimmick IMO. Same crap with GM's 'skip shift' feature on manual Vettes and CTS-Vs, or gulping your big mac, biggie fries, and apple pie with a diet coke (chemicals used to suppress sugar usually do more harm than sugar). But to each his own . If you want to save gas, don't buy a freaking gas guzzler car to begin with . Have a good one gang.
it maybe a gimmick to you, but it does drop the CO2 level by 8%
and fuel consumption by 3%.
and from a car lover, the more we can save by things like this, the longer we can keep enjoying our cars before the god damn tree huggers ban them cuz it kills baby pandas.
and if it makes no differnce on how we enjoy our cars, and it helps the enviornment, that to me a is a win-win