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M3pnoy e90 m3 build thread, *update ess installed* page 6

Brief overview of mods as of 3/11/12:
Front bumper-Shaved reflectors, shaved headlight spout
Gloss Black grills
Gloss Black side grills
Gloss Black 3m vinyl'd roof
Lci tail lights
Lci trunk
Vorsteiner diffuser

Brembo 380 mm Front slotted kit in red
Brembo 380 mm Rear slotted kit in red

Fox Red Extended leather swap, formally novillo black
P3 vent boost gauge

KW Sleeve-over kit

ESS VT2-600 with Flash Cable

BBS LM's (Summer setup)
LM225DSPK 5x120 20x9 et15
LM232DSPK 5x120 20x10.5 et15
Hankook v12's 245/30/20
Hankook v12's 285/30/20

AG 359 (CSL Reps)-Winter Setup
19 x 9 (18 offset)
19 x 10 (25 offset)
Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 245/40/19
Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 275/35/19

BBS 80 MM Studs
Kics r40 Gunmetal lugs

IPE F1 full valvetronic system

If you didnt see my first introduction in the metro thread, the following is the link:

I know i said i wouldn't mod this vehicle as it is my daily, but i couldnt resist after only less then a month of ownership. Figured i would start a build thread.

The following is when i picked up my alpine white e90 m3 on 10/3:

Here it is in the background along with my recently sold e46 m3,

After getting the vehicle, i sent it directly to the bodyshop to get the orange reflectors shaved along with the headlight washers, i also got the front and side grills painted a gloss black to match the gloss the trim, the following is the outcome of that bodywork:

After the bodywork, i thought i was done, and was going to put my volk le-37's from my old bmw but then i found a great deal on a set of BBS lm's in 20's nonetheless, if anybody close that knows me, ive had close to every brand of wheels and the LM's have always been my dream wheels, but have somehow eluded me, the following are pics and specs of the lm's, as you can see these are the Lm's with the more aggressive rear:
LM225DSPK 5x120 20x9 et15
LM232DSPK 5x120 20x10.5 et15
Hankook v12's 245/30/20
Hankook v12's 285/30/20

The following are pics of them on the car:

As you can see it looks like a 4x4, , since i want to keep edc, i went with the kw sleeve over kit, that has yet to be installed, pics will follow.

I also was able to purchase the last set of 80mm bbs studs in the country and will be using my gunmetal kics r40 along with them.

Here is my update 11/2:
Left work early to catch UPS guy but he ended up leaving these 4 boxes at my doorstep and dropped these babies off..

After i loaded up the car, i rushed over to my friends shop and got these installed...
Unpacking brand new, KW sleeve over kit

First pic of front 6 piston brembo caliper...

pic of installing kw sleeve over kit over shock

Pic of Kw sleeve over kit and pic of 6 piston front caliper and 4 piston rear caliper in background, sorry for crappy phone pic again...

Front Kw sleeve over kit, Brembos, and BBS 80mm studs done...

Sorry didnt get pics of the rear brembo setup, jeff "e92 m3" had arrived to check out some parts and I was busy checkin out his AW// ess supercharged beauty...
Nways, here are the last 3 pics i have for now, sorry for the dirty car, havent had time to give it a wash , i am on the lowest possible setting on the kw's...

Jeffs sick "e92 m3" supercharged m3 in background...

12/11 update:
Gettin ready for winter so decided to take off the Lm's and put on my winter wheels: 19 inch zcp reps courtesy of Eric and Tam at supreme power mounted on Bridgestone blizzaks 245/40/19 and 275/35/19. Reason i went with 19's was because i was limited in the selection of winter wheels that cleared my brembo 380/380 kit. And reason i went with reps is because im saving up for that bigger purchase in the spring

Following are pics off my phone:

2/7 update:
Well its been a good winter so far in terms of not having a lot of snowstorms in the northeast, but its also been a good winter for modding, After much research and deliberations i went with the ESS Vt2-600 kit, customer service from roman@ess has been bar none fantastic as he answered all my questions and was patient with all the questions i had regarding the kit. If you know me from the s2k forums, ive dealt with a lot of vendors and roman is on the top of my list for great customer service. I also have to thank izzy@img who made this kit happen, and that i needed this kit like "oxygen" i truly did, he showed me the light, thank you bro. I also gotta thank, well maybe not since he put a hole in my pocket , jk, my good friend gixxer_kidd, thai. If you dont remember our 20 inch lm shoot back in november i was the only non-supercharged car the following is the link:
I didnt want to drive his supercharged car because i knew i would have to have this kit, well lone and behold i had to drive his car at times during the shoot as he was shooting our cars. After that meetup and talkin with chris and jeff also about there ess kits, supercharging my car sparked/ignited a light in my mind Well fast forward to this day, and a ess vt2-600 kit is on my front step courtesy of fedex, , here are a couple pics for now, still need to get manifold painted and hoping to do install this week:

Heres also a pic of a little project me, thai, and our good buddy jesse did over the winter, used 3m gloss black vinyl:

2/26 update:
Update as of 2/26:
SC is awaiting install still as my plenum is still with painter, as he had some personal health issues to take care of, but in the mean time decided to do other things to car,:
Heres one pic

all for just this fox red extended leather

what was once novillo black is now fox red extended leather,

Decided also to upgrade my tail lights to LCI and also find a karbonwerke trunk, couldn't find a Karbonwerke trunk but found a trunk similar, fitment i would give an 8/10:

While i also wait for my plenum anxiously, i decide to install my p3 enhanced vent boost gauge, fit and finish is awesome, and looks oem:

Last but not least, i just picked up this piece, Innotech f1 full valved system for e90, havent installed it yet, but will give my impressions once installed:

3/11 update:
Vorsteiner diffuser

3/30 update:

4/10 update:
Brand spankin new OEM clutch/flywheel

S/C housing powdercoated gloss black

Pic of intercooler

Pic of filter:

Pic of blower/plenum installed:

Stay tuned for upcoming pics and updates...

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