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Interior Squeak Index Thread


Please use this form for reporting issues:
Noise description: (e.g., metallic, squeaks, how it's caused, etc.)
Fix method:
Warranty/BMW Service Action?
Thread link?

Resources / DIY Threads
- DIY: Rear deck lid squeak fix
- DIY: Rear panel silencing (near setbelt extender)
- DIY: Bentey guide - Rattle noise in dash near Radio

Material Recommendations
- 3M foam tape
- Gummi Fledge
- Krytox (like Gummi Fledge)


Location: glove box area
Noise description: squeaks over low speed and minor bumps
Fix method: put felt tape behind fuse box panel cover and reinstalled
Warranty/BMW Service? not used
Thread link? none

Location: glove box sliders and rear vents
Noise description: squeaks on high or low speed bumps
Fix method: felt tape to the locations
Warranty/BMW Service Action? Yes/fixed on warranty
Thread link? Sean05 in this thread

Location: centre of dash, near idrive screen
Noise description: rattling
Fix method: remove idrive screen (via the frame) and apply foam tape.
Warranty/BMW Service Action? N/A
Thread link? twinturbo's post in this thread.

Location: dashboard near radio/heating control unit
Noise description: rattling over rough roads
Fix method: see DIY here
Warranty/BMW Service Action? N/A
Thread link? suggestion from OC ///M

Location: dashboard area
Noise description: VERY LOUD vibration and buzzing when driving over certain lane dividers at less than 40 mph
Fix method: UNRESOLVED
Warranty/BMW Service Action? Dealer said it was the cupholders; applied felt tape. Unsuccessful.
Thread link? richpuer's post

Location: behind A/C vent
Noise description: rattling trim
Fix method: UNRESOLVED
Warranty/BMW Service Action? attempted replacement of A/C vent trim
Thread link? llis' post


Location: seatbelt butler / arm / extender / rear panel area
Noise description: rattles over minor bumps
Fix method: Variable solution: (1) Lagunae92's DIY post involving the rear panel and plastic holding loose speaker wire; (2) treat seals with gummiphledge or 3M friction tape. It could be either the seatbelt extender or loose speaker wire. See thread below.
Warranty/BMW Service Action? N/A
Thread link? netjack's thread

Location: passenger side panel, between the two side compartments
Noise description: noticeable squeaking, sounded like a styrofoam being squeezed/pressed against something tight
Fix method: dealership replaced door panel
Warranty/BMW Service? covered by BMW
Thread link? motosan's post

Location: Driver's side door panel directly behind and adjacent to the speaker.
Noise description: Noticeable, almost constant rattle/ticking.
Fix method: Removed door panel and secured loose wiring harness behind door panel. It looked like a factory clip to secure the wiring harness was installed but never secured to prevent the wiring harness from moving and vibrating. Noise is completely gone and door panel is tight and silent.
Warranty/BMW Service Action? None. Self-fix in about 10 minutes.
Thread link? Fsarc's post


Location: headliner
Noise description: creaking and rattling when pulling in/out of driveway
Fix method: unscrewed the back part of the headliner and put some tape up there on some pieces that stick out, and also put the screws back in less tight. May also require B-pillar replacement.
Warranty/BMW Service? Ordered new B-pillar.
Thread link? lagunae92's post and m3maniac20's post

Location: CIC iDrive controller knob
Noise: Rattle over rough roads, or from exhaust resonance
Fix: Slide a silicon rubber band (the thin black ones girls use for trying their hair) in between the gap between the black spinning ring and the top cover. Then spray dry lubricant (PTFE) between the top cover gap, and also the 4-way stalk gap. Let dry and wipe off residue. Together these 2 fixes removed 80% of the rattle noise.


Location: rear shelf
Noise description: squeaking
Fix method: DIY here - reinstall rear shelf/deck with foam tape and weatherseal
Warranty/BMW Service? Not used
Thread link? rear deck silencing

Location: Rear speaker shelf
Noise: Loud creak when going over bumps, especially when both rear wheels don't go over at the same time
Fix: Aside from the usual rear shelf fixes, also spray liberal amounts of white lithium grease onto the rear seat latching mechanisms.

Location: rear vent, in front of rear seats
Noise description: rattle, can be caused by tapping the rear trim
Fix method: UNRESOLVED
Warranty/BMW Service Action? None
Thread link? FifthStreetz's post

Location: E92 rear center console
Noise: Creaking over bumps and uneven roads
Fix: Use dry lubricant spray (PTFE) liberally on the seam between the front and rear sections, and also along the seams to the air vent section. Let dry, then wipe off residue. Fixed 90% of the noise.
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