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Originally Posted by robb7979 View Post
That's the last update the 800 number or the website will get you. Mine went from "in transit" back to "released to the carrier" and vice versa several times. I picked it up last Saturday, and it's still the same.
Switched to "released to carrier and is awaiting transport" this morning, so I guess now is where I would start obsessing over which boat the car could possibly catch a ride on

BREMERHAVEN 07/11/2011 PORT HUENEME, CA 30/11/2011 TORRENS Wallenius Wilhelmsen
BREMERHAVEN 19/11/2011 PORT HUENEME, CA 12/12/2011 MIGNON Wallenius Wilhelmsen
BREMERHAVEN 03/12/2011 PORT HUENEME, CA 28/12/2011 OTELLO Wallenius Wilhelmsen
BREMERHAVEN 17/12/2011 PORT HUENEME, CA 11/01/2012 PLATINUM RAY Wallenius Wilhelmsen
BREMERHAVEN 31/12/2011 PORT HUENEME, CA 25/01/2012 MORNING COMPOSER Wallenius Wilhelmsen

Looks like I'll have a month and a half to go if I'm lucky.

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