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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
Here are some facts.

In order to paint a rosier picture and hide the truth, the govt has changed the way they depict unemployment, inflation, GDP.

The unemployment numbers from over 20 yrs ago are accurate, the ones you see from the BLS in modern times are under-reported and are inaccurate...the birth-death model can make the employment numbers look good by making up fictitious jobs...they remove workers who have been looking for more than a month...they remove under-employed workers...there are several more things they do to paint a rosier if you want a accurate picture of real unemployment and compare apples to apples, you need to report the U6 numbers, which is near that is reality.

Its all about next time someone tries to argue and state that todays UE rate isnt too bad, please keep this in mind...this has been repeated on these threads at least 10 times yet some choose to ignore these simple concepts.
Everything with you is a conspiracy theory, it's really getting predictable.