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Originally Posted by cmk227 View Post
It sad how mistaken you are. Obama answer to all of our problems is a larger gov't and the idea that gov't is the solution to all of our problems.

I don't care if he white, yellow, brown and black. My problem is he is not fit to lead. He is to busy in campaign mode and trying to buy votes with other people money.

My support is for Herman Cain.
First, learn to speak english. Next, what kind of jerk starts off with "It's sad how mistaken you are"? Try actually debating with facts, instead of this crap.

So, Obama's answer is larger govt? Prove it. I guarantee you're completely full of shit, and you will present not one example.

And what's with the "campaign mode" comment? And Herman Cain?!?! Ahhhhahahaaahahahaaha! I dare you to tell me whether he's pro-life or pro-choice. Even HE doesn't know.