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I am not sure I am really qualified to answer this one, but I will try.

IMHO, because Obama is seen is 70's silk and with a cigarette in his mouth, we should infer that he was also a pimp on the side and that he fancied the gange weed...there is also a good chance he drove a Cadillac Sedan DeVille(stolen).

Now the pic of Parry shows a distinguished "white" person near a fighter jet...odds are high he would die for his country and he was a damn good shot with the wing mounted machine gun...his confident grin shows he has a knack for football, which shows his rugged side, yet partakes in cross stitching, showing his vulnerable feminine side also...he is everything to everyone.

Parry, juxtaposed to Obama, shows the cross generational struggle between ebony and ivory, strong and weak, haves and the have nots, good and evil...

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General question (not pointed at anyone in particular).

What is the added value of bringing up Obama's racial heritage in a Perry vs. Obama thread comparing two Presidential candidates? How does bringing up Obama's mixed racial background further this comparison between these Presidential candidates?

Same question with using Obama's middle name. What added value does using his middle name of traditional Muslim origin add to the comparison between these two Presidential candidates? Obama himself doesn't commonly use his middle name (unlike Rick Parry), so how does using Obama's traditional Muslim origin middle name further this comparison between these Presidential candidates?