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Envious Eric

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Hey Thanks man!!!

I have to be honest guys, this car was one year old and I didnt see anything that warranted polishing with anything aggressive to do any cutting (really good wash care, zero swirl marks). Therefore, I decided (and tld him) that I would just really amp the gloss from this paint. Well, it was a night and day difference; a true testimonial to what I ALWAYS am preaching: you can wax your car 12 times a year, but if you give me just one single round of a light polishing, I will make it look 100 times better than any wax can alone! Point proven! even the owner saw the difference!!!

I ended up claying which removed some contamination after a ONR washing (underground parking structure, no hose used here) with DI fine grade and ONR for a lube. Then I polished the car with menzerna 106 on a black pad with a GG DA speed 6 and really jeweled the paint. Following that, I use ezcream glaze to clean the paint and give it some more wetness, then topped with trusty BFWD. Waited about 30 min to remove while I hit the wheels with a QD, dressed the tires with optimum tire shine (new favorite), and did the interior spruce up with leatherique, 303, and a vacuuming.

Overall time - 6 hours start to finish!

P.S. You forgot vegas, and Arizona for service area as well! LOL, I just did 5 cars in 7 days in AZ last month!