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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I agree with you, I would never touch a GTS when even a 5 year old GT3 was/is better, let alone the updated model.
I also agree that if they were to try and compete, they would need a new platform, but at the same time, Audi and MB used a brand new platform and they are still getting beaten by the 911 turbo (S), and dont compete with the GT2/3 at all...not to mention they cant touch what Porsche can do with a ground up platform (CGT, 918 Spyder, and another supposedly upcoming 960).
Its tough because developing a new platform usually leads to that car being a loss leader. It will showcase what a company can do but will not make money. BMW isnt built/run like that.
You make good points. I'd love to see BMW do it but I believe that they're too small of a company, especially compared to Audi and Porsche, which are part of the huge VW Group.

Personally, I would be more interested to see a super M6, something similar to the price/performance of the SL65 Black Series.
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