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Originally Posted by prodigymb View Post
you can go back and forth with me all day on this but this car ran very well for over a year. performed very well on and off the track. more importantly had zero issues and over a year later returned perfect compression test and leak down tests.

as far as it being few mph down from Zims car, one - his car had a higher rated power kit on it, two - he ran at a track rental where he could try different things all day and probably did 12+ passes. i did 3 passes on this car - and its not my car. i am an average driver with pretty much no experience running an M3 down the track. zim drives/races his all the time where he should be faster then me (ofcourse given we run same tires). understand my point? things arent always black or white, there are alot of variables that go into a good track time.

Zim - spinning anywhere will hurt your ETs. Spinning in 1st will hurt it the most. Launch and first 300 feet are the most important part of a drag race. One tenth that you lose on the 60 foot will translate into two tenths lost on your ultimate 1/4 ET.
when we went it was both mine and zims first time running at the track, and we only got 4-5 passes in lol...check out what a nasty launch he had in this video (and you can still hear him spinning up until third) and still trapped over 120: