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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
He' most likely really pissed about Obama's policy of being black.
What does that have to do with anything?

Really? Is that all you got?

Anyway, I'm rolling at the intelligence/education rambling that was going on earlier. Who also graduated from Harvard Business and before that Yale? The one you all like to call a moron (GWB). Although I do agree, the guy was a dumbass, it just goes to show that "education" in this country is a very loose term, and to me it really doesn't hold weight when we're talking here.

Bachmann graduated from W&M law school, and she's a total moron. In all honesty, it just goes to show how even the most "educated" person can become a blithering idiot when they get money thrown at them to support a cause, and then not back down from that same cause.

Originally Posted by Hey-G
No offence, but I think a lot of people here don't inform themselves before voicing their opinions.

In Ron Pauls defence, there is not one time he said he wanted to take away abortion rights or marriage rights. Although he has his views on it, he is a clear advocate on government staying out of the issue and that it should be left to the state.

I'm Canadian, not ashamed of it, and a lot of us here can tell that Ron Paul would be the best choice for you. If you only took the time to inform yourself before choosing to disregard him. His minimalistic government may be quite different from what ANY other candidate preaches, but at least he backs it up with ideals, solutions, and maybe most important to your country of patriots, The Constitution.
Funny how no one commented back against this post... Dismantling the government? He never said that... He does believe that government is too big and too involved in personal affairs and the States' affairs, but not once did he ever claim he wanted to blatantly "dismantle" government as it is. Ironically, as a Christian and a doctor, he has said he doesn't agree with abortion, but it's not in the federal government's "lane" so to speak to make overarching law regarding abortion. It is a State decision, and I agree.

Does he have a chance? No, because he doesn't have the monetary support from the big corporations.

The only thing that really irked me about him was his lack of support for killing Bin Laden. He said we shouldn't have done what we did and should have worked more closely with Pakistan to find him and try him. If we worked closer with them, we never would have had him. You're a fool if you think they weren't supporting/hiding him.
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