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!!!! More Advanced Autocross Techniques...

I am looking to start developing some more advanced autocross techniques. After getting my track rims, I am now noticing that "I" am now the part of the car that needs the most improvement. With my new wheel and tire setup I have LOADS of grip, no understeer (used to have too much), and the M3 performs like a monster.

With a 2-month build time on my wheels, I was unable to make the last track day of the year as Laguna doesn't have any events after August. So I have been autocrossing alot since I could use stock tires there (this will be my 2nd full year of autoX). I have dialed in some stuff on the M3 and tried to get the basics down, but I know this car has more.

* I have dialed in cold and hot tire pressures using chalk and constant adjustment. I have even found at what point they are too high, causing premature break away.

* I trail brake for most of the course and understand how this concept works. Still a good amount of room for improvement here though.

* I really try to monitor traction at all times and add as much gas as possible without slipping.

* On course I am looking ahead to plan apex's properly. I even bought a bike rack for the E90 so I get 5x the course-walks than everyone else!

Things I want to try:

* late apexing corners to give me longer straits
* choosing which corners to take wide (big ones) and which to take tight (small corners)
* still need to improve my launch, what RPM range is everyone using?

I was also really wondering what the perfect balance of acceleration and turning would be. I have found now that I have a ton of traction up front and in the rear, I can turn very easily and always be on the throttle. Neither is a limiting factor (no understeer or oversteer). Ideally what should the car's balance be in tight corners as well as wide corners? If I am on the gas in most of the corners, would that be shifting weight to the rear and reducing cornering (but again I have zero understeer).

My car has a decent setup now, I feel that the biggest gains will be driving now. So if any veteran auto-X / track guys could add something, I'd love to hear it. I am consistently about a second behind a Lotus in my class and that is my first goal to pass.

Please get as technical as you like!!! THANKS!

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