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Originally Posted by MBITION View Post
Well the first issue with that definition is that I'm not an outsider, I've been a BMW enthusuast since 1984 when my dad brought home his first BMW an 84 533i. I would have been an enthusiast longer, but I was only 5.
I can't believe you think that because you've been an enthusiast for a long time, it means you're not an outsider. You ARE an outsider because you now have no intention of buying the M3, therefore you are OUTSIDE of the proper vending process, i.e. that relationship between the dealer and the buyer who you are trying to sell your car on to. You are using a short of supply situation to make a profit off somebody else.

I'm afraid you are missing the point somewhat. OK, so you question the 'outsider' part. That's a fairly insignificant part. What about the "taking advantage of a situation which they believe will yield them gain of some nature"?