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Originally Posted by mofomat View Post
Calling you a "carpet bagger" is not childish name calling because what you are doing is exactly that. To define carpet bagging:

"Carpet-bagging refers to outsiders moving in to an area to take advantage of a situation which they believe will yield them gain of some nature. It stems from the time after the American Civil War when people migrated to the southern states to appropriate land or property which had been occupied by the Unionist forces, and was up for grabs. The luggage carried by these people was often made of carpet remnants stitched together, being a cheap strong material, hence carpet-bagging, or carpet-baggers. "

So come on then, how is that childish name calling?

Well the first issue with that definition is that I'm not an outsider, I've been a BMW enthusuast since 1984 when my dad brought home his first BMW an 84 533i. I would have been an enthusiast longer, but I was only 5.