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Went to my MB dealership last week to look at a c63 coupe. They didn't have one so the manger showed me an 2012 cls63. The car looked amazing in black, especially the new headlights. He started the car I was surprised at how raw it sounded since I was expecting a "step down" in the sound department from the 6.2 engine. Not at all.
He then proceeded to revved the heck out of the car and it sounded incredible. The car was louder that my m3 with the AA exhaust (and no drones !). It sounded like a roaring lion next to my howling wolf. I was complete sold on the sounds. the interior was nice (black leather with piano-black trims)
He tried to talked me to getting a CLS vs. a c63 since that car would still be in the same car class as a m3. He said that I should "upgrade" to a higher car. More matured, successful-business man car vs. the boy racer car. I'm on the fence about this since I realize that the car is $105 k. That's some nice sport cars territory....
The car is amazing though. If you like fast four door cars with attitude and prestige, this is the one to get.