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Originally Posted by atlanta2004m3 View Post
colder weather (below 59 deg F) + cold start + ethanol blended fuel (I'm assuming you are using blended fuel, might be wrong though).......can mean a bit more cranking to get car started due to lower vapour pressure and the corresponding inability to then evapourate and spark during ignition....cheers. Craig
It's not below 59 deg F. I keep it in garage but yes I use ethanol blended fuel.
But my 2011 X5 3.5p has no problem with this, and it stays outside. Thx for information.

Originally Posted by JOM3JO View Post
check your fuel vent vavle or fuel pump,it might be help........
I will look that! Thx

Originally Posted by IFX View Post
i heard a slight studder, is that what you are referring to op?
Yes that's correct

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