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A little restoration needed.

In the past I posted some pictures and conserne over my APracing BBK that suffered damage to it's painted calipers and disc hats due to wheel cleaners such as Meguire's and F1. Plus had a vibrations from the day I installed the BBK with 12mm spacers on the stock 18" wheels.

Well now finally I got brand new ARC-8's, no need for spacers. Vibrations most likely caused by the spacers then somehow ended up affecting the frond discs as they were both out of their run-out limits. So had to bite the bullet on two new front rotors.

You'll see in the first few pictures the etched painted damage on the calipers and disc hats. The calipers I sent to IND Industries and they did a superb job repainting them. Only the right rear caliper had some slight paint flaking near the seam of one of the inner retention plates but you can't see it. The rear disc hats I removed and had a local metal shop re-zinc paint them and theya re just as new and installed them with new hardware.

I took the opportunity to detail the wheel wells as much as I could and clean them up a bit. Not perfect but much cleaner after 3 years and 34,000 miles of daily driving muck! Only thing left is the Xpel clear bra on the hood has alot of water marking stains I can't get rid of but it's xpel cleaner actually did more damage so might be getting that replaced in the future. Anyway, how do the brakes look?

I kept it simple for the most part. Used;

P21-S Total Auto Wash
regular Automotive soap
P21-S Carnauba Wax
Adam's Undercarriage Spray
Some light aluminum cleaning agent on suspension parts
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