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FS: 11-99 CHP plate frame

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Hows it going guys?

So I have a AUTHENITC CHP 11-99 Plate Frame fro sale.
I have 2 and Kinda need the extra cash for mods! (haha)
In the pictures, they are different that is because one is an updated one and the other is an older plate frame...
I'm asking 900.00 obo because of the raised in suggested donation... it used to be $1,800.00 for the "classic" or first level of donation now it is $2,500.00 etc.

Found some Q&A from another forum...
To answer a few questions:

Q2. Is this thing legitimate?
A2. Yes, it is the real deal - AUTHENTIC from the 11-99 foundation.

Q3. Does the badge and/or wall plaque come with it?
A3. No. Because they are personalized, they would do you no good.

Q4. Don't I need the badge to prove my membership if asked by a CHP officer? I read a story on some guy didn't have the badge and got into some deep s**t.
A4. First, 11-99 is a private non profit organization, NOT a government entity. The license frame is simply a gift for making a cash donation. It is NOT illegal in any way, shape, or form to possess this frame, nor does possession imply any special privilege. CHP or any other law enforcement have no legal right whatsoever to hassle you over your membership.

Q5. This is basically a "get out of tickets" thing, right?
A5. Yes, No, and Maybe. First, any local/municipal/out of state law enforcement officer won't give a rat's ass about your 11-99 frame. You will get NO special treatment from local law enforcement, ever. With respect to CHP, the answer is: it depends. I have been stopped with the frame on my car only once, and I was let go. The officer specifically referenced the license plate frame as the reason he let me go. While that is just 1 CHP officer out of 10,000, that alone should speak volumes. And for the record, he did NOT ask to see any special badge or membership card. Displaying this frame on your car MAY increase the chances of you receiving a warning in lieu of a citation from the CHP. However, leniancy may depend entirely on the severity of your crime. If you were doing 120mph racing 3 cars, I would expect you to be arrested, with or without this frame.

Q6. How many do you have?
A6. One

Q7. What condition is it in?
A7. 10/10 it is brand new never used

Q8. Can I get a refund if CHP gives me a ticket anyway.
A8. No. This isn't Costco. All sales are final.

Thanks e90post.

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