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Originally Posted by HP Autowerks View Post
***First photo***I don't see the logic behind the taller than usual main and helper spring coupler. The use of shorter than usual main spring also reduces available stroke/travel for the springs. I hope there is enough stroke/travel in this setup. If KW had weight savings in mind by using the shortest spring possible, there is tons of weight in the height adjusters to be taken away and still have enough structural strength and reliability.

The other thing that makes no sense is that the helper isn't really serving any purpose being fully compressed with the suspension at full droop. Why not just use a extra long spacer and remove the helper from this kit.

***Second and third photo***We have done our homework on this setup years ago and here you can see how we stack things up with our lightweight height adjusters and main springs with plenty of stroke/travel, low profile spring couplers, radial thrust bearing so you can corner weight the vehicle with weight on 4 tires, and allow the user to change the rear main springs in minutes.
I agree it appears the moderators are pro KW and a certain vendor believes it's "his way or no way" - a couple of months ago I purchased KW camber plates, after being convinced they were "better", only to find out it didn't fit properly on the dampers I'm using even though it was guaranteed to fit. The best part, even after explaining what was causing the problem, and addressing it, I got a picture back from him saying the issue was still due to installation error . All along I was blamed for improper installation. Sad.

I'm just going to throw the KW camber plates in the trash. BTW, the AST or TCK setups we've traded PMs on are for a different e92 M3.

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