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Did BMW fudge my order?

On my's MY BMW section, I was looking at how far my cars progressed thus far and I noticed something quite odd. As those of you ordering 2012 E92s know navigation comes with the $4350 premium package. Interestingly when I look down the bulletpoints of what in included in the prem. package there's no navigation Another member here who also has prem. on his 2012 E92 has navigation bulletpointed. On the build you own configurator, prem. pack itself does not list navigation. But when you click the $1350 option, it shows as $0 on your pricelist. Could it be that BMW forgot to add it for me?

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Nav is absolutely included with 2012 Premium package.

My car is being built right now, here's the screen shot from the car tracking page:

Whoops I guess the attached pic didn't get quoted, but heres the thrend with his picture showing that he has navigation. I on the other hand again, do not have it shown

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