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Originally Posted by w00tw00t View Post
So there is no idle issue when I start the car, but when I'm driving and if I stop... sometimes (rarely).. the car will sort-of die when coming to a full stop. it'll almost switch off but then the engine will catch itself...
That's a different issue than the typical idle valve one. And yes, I've experienced it too 3 times in 3 years, after a long (high-speed) highway run, followed by some street driving to get to a gas station. And when I stopped, with the engine still idling, that's when it happened. Engine almost died, but caught before stalling. All 3 times happened after fueling at unknown gas stations that supposedly have heavy traffic (don't have a choice), so I chalked it off to questionable gas. If it was consistent, then I'd certainly look for a cure, but once a year is not enough to chase a ghost now . If you can't duplicate a problem, don't even bother with a dealer man. If it's a problem, it'll get worse for sure. And then you can get it fixed without any aggravation. Good luck.