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Originally Posted by Sefyu View Post
Hi everybody, I am actually considering buying a 2005 bmw m3. For people who already own this toy can you give me tips. Is that a good car?? I have always owned some BMW 525e36, 535e39 and I would like to know if this M3 is really powerful. Can you make a comparison between a 2002 porsche carrera 4 and this car?? which one is more powerful???

And what's the difference of sensation between the convertible and the coupe??

thanks a lot.
I own a 2004 and I think regardless if you get a convert or coupe you will be one happy driver. I have the convert and enjoy the open air driving a LOT but you will find restrictions for access to the track and driving schools (this can be a bummer for sure!). The extra weight of the convert can be a real issue but it really depends on what your driving style is like and there are mods to push the power (I recommend the VF Engineering supercharger). If you drive on the track a lot I'd recommend the coupe for sure.