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Originally Posted by Radiation Joe View Post
Ha! Ha! to all the people talking about driving a beater most of the time. Why even get an M3 if you're not going to drive it? "Oooh, It's special. I don't want to put miles on it."

I may have been misleading when I said a beater for a DD and park the M3. I drive a minimum of 60miles a day for work 5 days a week. Also 1 or 2 days a week I have to travel into the city. When I had my M and had to go into my other site in the city I would drive to my main site and grab a company truck to drive into the city. I had my M for about 10 months before it got wrecked on Monday and put 15k+ on it in that time. So what I really want is another car (beater) to drive to work a few days a week and on the days I go to the city. Just to help keep some miles off of the M. I wouldn't let it set and drive it only on 75 degree days with no clouds in the sky between the months of May - August and on Sat or Sun.