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Fabspeed Maxflo Exhaust

Hey guys,

I recently bought a Fabspeed Maxflo exhaust for my car. I love the sound of it but I still want to go louder. I was considering just selling the exhaust and buying a Meisterschaft GT2 exhaust because I absolutely love the tone/sound level of it.

I love the tone of my exhaust as well but I definitely want it to be loud like the GT2. My question is if I buy the right x-pipe and combine it with the muffler I have, can I achieve the sound level of the GT2? I just feel like that would be more economical then selling my mufflers and rebuying new ones altogether if that actually works. If the x-pipe is the right option, what do you recommend?

I'm also nervous that I won't be able to sell my exhaust which in that case I definitely won't buy the Meisterschaft. I just don't want to buy an x-pipe to had to the Fabspeed mufflers, regret it, and still wish i had the GT2.

When I ride in my friend's M3 with the Meisterschaft GT2, even when he rolls the windows up, you still can hear the exhaust note perfectly. In mine, when I roll the windows up, all I hear is engine noise and the exhaust is blocked out. I basically don't want to be able to hear engine noise anymore.

One more thing. An e93 M3 with the Meisterschaft GT2 and the top down is absolutely amazing. Makes me wish sometimes that I had a convertible...

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