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Originally Posted by erm324 View Post
yes i do know the difference drag radials or slicks, same shit in this regard...the car is a torqueless monster it doesnt need slicks to get off the line fast...spinning vs ET is a subjective topic.....some people think spinning wont effect ET (which i can argue for) but others think getting better traction will help ET (which is what I've personally experienced when I went to the track with Zim)....his trap shot up from 117 to 121 with better traction due to changing his M mode suspension settings from dynamic to comfort and spinning less...his car is faster while your buddys M3 has a quicker ET due to traction
thats fine. Zims car should be faster because he has a higher power setup (625 or 650i dont know for sure) and constant tune revisions from ESS, while my friends car was one of the oldest ESS600 cars out there. plus we also didnt do a track day, i did like 3 passes in it. i found that stiff suspension mode worked better and eliminated wheel hop for me.

as far as trap and et goes, it definetly not a direct correlation and really depends on the run. i have seen it go both ways, logic for both sides makes sense. car should be done this weekend and then it will see atco again to break my own E.T record