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Originally Posted by bunnn View Post
How's asylum anyways, is the transition from insanity month 2 -> asylum, the same as month 1 -> month 2? Starting month 2 was almost like I never did month 1, BRUTAL!

Actually, can I even do asylum at home? Seems like a lot of equipment in this new one.
Asylum is awesome! I loved it more than Insanity. Highly recommended. It will take you to another level strength/fitness wise. Transition wise, I would say it'll feel exactly like the transition from month 1-2 of Insanity because of the new movements your body will have to get used to but it's well worth it.

I've done Asylum in my apartment which is 840 sq ft total and had no problems with space. It comes with a 4ft agility ladder, resistance bands, speed rope and if you order the deluxe version, a pullup bar for your door. You would also need some dumbells for the strength dvd. The program is only a month long but believe me you would want to do it more than that. It's nice to have it as part of your fitness library of dvd's. Here's a comparison for you. After completing Asylum( i extended it an additional 2 weeks) I missed Tanya and doing the MAX month 2 workouts of Insanity. I popped in Max Interval circuit and I blew right through the workout without stopping and wanted more in the end so I doubled up and did pure cardio. Couldn't believe how much more my fitness level increased. In a 6 week period I lost an additional 12 lbs but gained lean muscle mass while dropping body fat.