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Originally Posted by ADV.1 Matt View Post
Pinhead - we also were not calling you out - the reason I invited you to come by our facility was because you were local to LA and we could clear up all of this and provide you with the evidence you demand in a few minutes and show you hundreds of testing certificates.

We engineer and build all of our wheels to exceed OEM specifications and have done so since day one. We don't sacrifice weight for safety and will build a heavier wheel than our competitors every day of the week to ensure it's not going to bend or break at the track. Are you guys demanding data and certificates from every other wheel company or just taking their word for it as well?
you and your companies lackluster response is not helping your case. Im calling you out to show proof that your wheels are TUV approved. Another member called you out, and you guys have yet to show anything but trying to change the direction where this is going. You dont sacrifice strength but you sacrifice weight? How is that a positive? You offer for me to come out to check out your warehouse where you cut the rims? What does that prove? Vorsteiner has offered for me to come out to their facility in Orange before and it proved nothing. Just a warehouse with a bunch of half carbon half fiberglass products and didnt show that they have an enclave or anything that proves they make their products there. Are you going to show me the TUV certificates? why not just show the whole forum and end this fiasco all together? We will take BBS and Volks word for it. They are in Formula 1 and many other motor-sport. Now THAT is concrete proof that they CAN make wheels when the top of the motor-sport ask you to provide rims for them.

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