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Originally Posted by Thud View Post
Heh... the problem with Android is that almost every phone is a flavor-of-the-week which are soon abandoned by their manufacturers (in terms of OS updates) in favor of the next shiny thing.

I got rid of my Galaxy S phone; no updates in months, and little hope of even getting Android 2.3. It's already old news.

What about the Galaxy S II? Bah, old news. Trounced in benchmarks by the iPhone 4S.

Hell, even the brand new Razr Droid is old news, and it's not even out yet. Why? It only runs Gingerbread. It'll probably never get updated to Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) that just came out. Why buy a brand new phone that's still running an old OS?

You pretty much have to root your phone if you want to stay current on software.

If you get an iPhone, sure you could jailbreak it too, but you'll also be getting at least 2 years' worth of OS updates and new features.
Yeah alright that's partially true..but like you said all you have to do is root your phone and you'll be on the current software that everyone is out. With an iphone everything is more expensive and jailbreaking has many con's. I guess you can say its personal preference but I dont like following the crowd and jumping on the Iphone because it looks "cool".