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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I would think an oil cooler would allow the engine oil to be cooler all of the time. From the OP's description, the car got just as hot but cooled down faster.

No offense to the OP, I don't think the review is in anyway conclusive. Now, there is a cooling benefit as the OP described when the car cooled down.
Before anyone makes a judgement on this mod, we need actual oil temps since that gauge is probably buffered.

Maybe the oil temps were high because of the OEM thermostat or some other engine management parameter?
I'm quite sure that the engine will target a higher temp for track use simply because the oil needs to be thinner to properly lubricate the engine at higher RPM speeds. Whats probably not normal is the temperature hitting well above the 255 mark and an indication of the stock cooler being overwhelmed.