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Originally Posted by Ateam View Post
The B7 does NOT need nor would benefit performance wise (would improve mpg) from an 8 speed. WIth its torque/power curve, it does not need 8 short gears but rather 6 is plenty as it has plenty of low-medium torque to use the entire rev range rather than just a couple of thousand like the m3 for example since its powerband is much more limited to the top 2k revs. The B7 can make constant usable power from 1k-6k so a 6 speed can keep you in the 3k-6500k range instead of 4.5-6500 and has the benefit of needing less gear shifts and staying in lower gear longer

That's like saying better mathematics yields a less accurate answer. Keep in mind the car doesn't peak power until 5500 rpm and max torque is reached all the way to 4800rpm

Part of the reason they used the 6 speed was to lower cost of strengthening the 8 speed in the standard 750.