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Originally Posted by cullan View Post
Nice. I see you have an M5 and a GT-R as well... geez man. That should make the wait a little easier.

What benz did you pick up? Does Mercedes offer good euro delivery deals?

The BMW experience was amazing. Recommended.
Thanks! The wait for us is going to be a while! lol. I can't believe that you dropped yours off on the 4th and I dropped mine off on the 23rd of Sept. and they both left on the same boat. I guess next time, I'm dropping it off closer to Bremerhaven!

I just got a C250 Coupe with every option. I wanted something new with a lot of tech that gets great gas mileage. The M5 is my DD and I'm really scared taking it around valets and my GT-R is an attention magnet, so this is a nice change of pace. The deal wasn't too great, but I was one of the first in North America to get a C-Class Coupe and it's the car I wanted. Also, they gave me six nights at different 5 star hotels of my choice for only $1300 as part of one of their ED packages. I'm not sure if BMW offers that, but that was definitely key.

The experience was amazing and I was able to even take a visit to BMW M and BMW Classic, so that was awesome. BMW M's hospitality was amazing.

I'm definitely doing it again. Either for the new M6 or another Mercedes.

If you're interested, here's my thread on MBWorld:

to the wait!