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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
If he is so intelligent then why wasn't he offered a clerkship? NOT A ONE. That speaks volumes.
This is what happens when you rely upon some crappy righwing blog site named after a God-Hating Atheist Russian fiction writer. You get your facts wrong.

Obama actually TURNED DOWN clerkship when offered.

Here is what happens when you find real sources, The New York Times:

"There was that young lawyer from Hawaii and Harvard, Barack Obama, who turned down a Mikva clerkship offer, instead choosing to go back to Chicago and enter politics. I thought, this guy really has brass, Judge Mikva recalled"

So even according to your own pointless and idiotic standard of being offered clerkship being the ONLY way for Obama to be intelligent, Obama passes your own test.

Man, you guys are awesome at making yourselves look stupid by regurgitating whatever idiotic thing you are told without doing an ounce of fact-checking. Fact checking is easy. Try it sometime, it will help you avoid looking so stupid in the future.