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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
So there is a total of $850K to Romney ---- and Goldman Sachs donated $1MM ALONE to your boy in 2008...and those same companies donated $3MM to $850K. You aren't very good at math are you?

Great source as well.....HUffington Post
You are comparing early primary totals from before a single primary contest has been held, to totals from the end of the entire 2008 General Election. Romney has WAY, WAY more money from Wall Street and Goldman Sucks than Obama had at this same point in the 2008 election cycle. So much more that you should be embarrassed to even bring up the comparison.

So let me get this straight. You don't accept a graph of numbers straight from candidate disclosure papers, just because the graph was created by huffington post. Even though multiple news sites all reported the same numbers. If you think these numbers are wrong, try to debunk them with some right wing nutter website. I'll provide a link to the primary source data, and make you look silly yet again. Let's do it.

But you think that some mindless hack website called "" is a super awesome authoritative site.


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