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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
Ah yes, the typical liberal MO...resort to name calling and get emotional....on an internet forum to boot. Who'da thunkit?

So, you think one's GPA is a direct reflection on one's level of intelligence? I don't. Just as a side point, what were BHO's grades at Harvard? Oh that's right......nobody knows them but BHO becasue he won't release them. Makes you wonder huh?

Try this on for size.
His grades were somewhere between the top 20% of his class at Harvard, and the top 5% at Harvard, plus Obama did work that warranted special recognition. That's what Magna Cum Laude at Harvard Law School means. Yes, this is a direct reflection of Obama's high level of intelligence.

Are you implying that somewhere between the top 5% and the top 20%, that Harvard Law School Graduates are all stupid? Or do you just have a problem accepting that a guy named Barack Obama can be so much smarter than you that it makes you babble mindlessly and cry like first grader?

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