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Originally Posted by aus View Post
You should have seen this forum when the E9x first came out.
It was ALL ABOUT 360 Forged and 20" rims. It was SAD. All these "Car Guys" were all about the bling and had NO IDEA about unsprung weight, VIA/JWL/TUV. All they cared about was the look and the bling. There are still a LOT of those types of people on this and many other boards.
I was like WTF happened to the //M crowd I was used to with the E36/E46 M3.

Jordan knows how to make a good looking wheel; he's proved that twice now. And it seems like he's taking care of customers, but he needs to take that next step like APEX and MORR have done to prove their wheels are strong and safe for the road and track.
Also, saying you're TUV when you're really not, does not inspire confidence in the company's wheels cracking or breaking.

Im with you on this 100%. Different crowd over here compared to the good old M3Forum days where BBS and Volk were more common, and parts were more genuine. And I do agree, Jordan does make VERY GOOD LOOKING wheels, but its not hard to make a good looking wheel. All you need is a good design, and cut it to that spec. The hard part, and the reason why wheels like RAC and MORR are so great and reasonably priced is that they know the sacrifice made when you have a good looking wheel. Its not that BBS or Volk/Advan/RAC has bad looking wheels, they understand that before a wheel looks good, it needs to be strong. We are not driving luxury SUVs or VIP sedans, we are driving high performance sports cars that can double as track cars on the weekend, and the wheels we put on our cars need to meet those standards and be able to withstand track punishment. Again, the biggest failure I see on ADV.1/360 forge is that they are all talk and no walk. Pictures and talk, anyone can do. Showing real certificates and proving that ALL of your wheels meet the TUV requirements is what counts. Saying that "some of our wheels are TUV approved, and we use that and cross/platform because it looks similar" does not cut it. If it does, why doesn't BBS/Rays/Enkei etc. do it the same way? Why do they have different certificate for practically every size of wheel? Oh right, because they actually make proper wheels and are priced accordingly.