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Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
It actually wouldn't but DCT vs 6 speed could be the determining factor. Like he said, the M3 "usually" traps higher. On the contrary, other than magazine tests, not many people are running B7's in the 1/4 to see what they'd do on a cold day at a perfectly prepped track like the guys out there running 12.4@114 in stock M3's. I'd bet the cars are even, with the B7 having a down low advantage.

the new B7 has serious power but doesn't have the 8 speed auto (yet) so it sort of has a gearing shortfalling and actually isn't any, or hardly is faster than the older lighter supercharged 7
The B7 does NOT need nor would benefit performance wise (would improve mpg) from an 8 speed. WIth its torque/power curve, it does not need 8 short gears but rather 6 is plenty as it has plenty of low-medium torque to use the entire rev range rather than just a couple of thousand like the m3 for example since its powerband is much more limited to the top 2k revs. The B7 can make constant usable power from 1k-6k so a 6 speed can keep you in the 3k-6500k range instead of 4.5-6500 and has the benefit of needing less gear shifts and staying in lower gear longer