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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
Funny, you mention Goldman Sucks. They were the second largest contributor to your boy Barry. In fact, take a look at the list attached and see Morgan Stanley, Citi, et al for $3MM contributed to BHO. far exceeding any Republican by a mile. If anybody is in bed with Wall Street it's your boy. Thanks for the self ownage.

That's REAL funny, because Mitt Romney gets 9 out of every 10 dollars donated by Goldman Sucks. A full order of magnitude larger than Obama.

Ownage right back at your own ignorance, and your 3 years out of date links. Here are the numbers as of 10/17/11, as opposed to your 2008 numbers. In case pictures aren't clear enough for you, the huge dark red section dominating these graphs is Romney whoring himself back out to his buddies he used to work shoulder to shoulder with on Wall Street.
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