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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
It will be awesome to see the Tea Party Republicans wholesale abandon their values and snuggle up to their new Bain Capital Wall Street Banker overlord with his past business partnerships with Goldman Sucks. With something resembling a smile and a soft "ooohh baby, tell me more" they will listen as Romney romances them with how his Socialized Medicine laws he signed are such an awesome idea. Then the next morning Romney can say "It's all good honey" and recount all his old speeches about how they don't have to carry that baby, they can choose an Abortion instead since they've already completely sold out.

The most popular poller from the current weak crop of Republican has-been's and never-been's is "none of these losers". Never has a nomination needed so badly for someone, anyone else to replace the current mess of fatally flawed candidates. Too bad for you guys it's too late now.
Would that the republicans had the perfect nominee--they don't. But the current president is so terribly bad for this great country that it really doesn't matter. Any candidate that is not Obama will get the majority of Republican and most of the Independent votes. You see, there is no other option for those that just can't stand what this man has done, and not done. I would vote this man out no matter which one wins the nomination and there are a whole lot of people that feel exactly the same way.