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Originally Posted by H2 View Post
I have no opinion regarding the quality of ADV.1 wheels. I have noticed that they do seem to be popular. The main issue that I've seen in this thread is that they said they had TUV certifications and then said they would post one. They posted something titled as a "Certificate of Conformity." If that's not an actual TUV certification, then (in my opinion) it brings into doubt whether ADV.1 has certifications and knows what they're talking about. Also, a picture standing in a TUV facility is no proof you're certified; it only refutes claims that "TUV has never heard of us."

I used to perform ISO 9001 audits of organizations and, as such, I always wanted to see proof or evidence of something. People frequently make careless mistakes (or try to answer questions they shouldn't be trying to answer) when audited or pressed for information. The posting of a "Certificate of Conformity" (instead of a TUV certificate) may be one of those types of mistakes. In my audit situations, a simple "oops, my mistake" would suffice (followed by the correct proof, evidence, or explanation) and no negative consequences would result. I believe that's all we're asking for here.
yea but they dont have it, or they would have posted it. my whole point for pointing ADV.1 out is that companies like that are trying to mislead the customers, saying they have passed certain certifications when in reality, only a few of the wheels they sell has passed. Judging by the way they post and reply they are very quick to try anything they can to prove they are TUV certified, but not directly because they just don't have the certification. Posting pictures of the incorrect TUV conformity, pictures of the TUV facility, etc. does not really prove anything. Like I said, i can claim I have a 10 food penis, and then google a picture of it or take a picture of a whale penis, and the public is suppose to believe me that I do have a 10 foot penis? M3 owners are not dumb, our cars are not cheap, and our money is hard earned, every single one of us. Trying to sell us rims that you claim are so and so, just dont cut it, and Im calling you guys out.