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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Well if you're not sure what I'm talking about, try reading the points I made about Romney - then you'll know what I'm talking about.
The poll that says it would be even between Romney and Obama. You know, the poll that is pertinent to this discussion.

Gee, how in god's name would I get the impression you give a fig about republicans..... oh, yeah

You know, you really haven't made any points except to demonstrate that you're a baby who has to post insults about Obama. Booooohoooooo. In the opinion of myself and the other democrats who are going to re-elect him, he's far more intelligent, capable, and pointed in the right direction than any of the GOP candidates. I know you disagree, so why don't you just wait for your time and cast your vote - this name-calling shit is really getting old.
He's far more intelligent, capable and pointed in the right direction???? .....sorry pal, the guy isn't very bright, is totally incapable (proven) and his Presidency is pointed straight to the toilet.

What the hell has he done since he's been in office? For Christsake he is already backpeddling on his biggest "accomplishment" --- Obamacare. No No No you have to read it first to know what's in it. Well, anybody with half a brain knew the thing was loaded with horsesh!t waaaaaaaay ahead of the game and pointed it out. The guy is an absolute abject failure in every way shape or form. For Christsake --- polls right now show him losing to Herman Cain.

Keep this post in your little library and 13 months from will eat crow. Guaranteed. No way in hell he gets re-elected.