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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
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So sorry, too bad so sad. Your buddies Chris Christie and Sarah Palin blew you off.

But Congratulations! to Hasek9339 on his other choice of Herman Cain! With just 3% of the popular poll here (just your single vote) it looks like you are the only person to back the Republican Party's current front runner! Even though Cain doesn't even score over 25% popularity out of you own 4 votes....

Don't cheer for too long though. Because at the rate that the Republican Tea Party is burning through "Front Runners" and then figuring out they actually suck once they open their mouths and start talking, Cain will be gone out of "Front Runner" status soon enough. He will follow Rick Parry down the drain in a matter of weeks as Tea Party Republicans figure out that Cain was the Chairman of a Federal Reserve Bank. You know, the same Federal Reserve organization that the Tea Party hates so much?

Hopefully Cain won't hide behind his wife's tear-filled skirts on the way out the door like Parry is doing now. Or who knows? Maybe the Tea Party will wholesale abandon their values and snuggle up to their new Federal Reserve overlord with something resembling a smile and a soft "yesss" as Cain romances them with how TARP was such great policy.

Like Ron Paul has a chance