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Really?? I purposely try to get wheel spin sometimes and i can then only barely get it
Just yesterday, 65 degrees on my way home. Im at a stoplight, X5 pulls up next to me. Light turns green and he decides that hes going to beat me to the 2-1 merge. As I catch this I'm at 20mph, so I punch it. Im not gaining any speed as the tach flashes, wheels spin, and DSC kicks in. This happens to me often on a 20mph roll. 1-2 shift at WOT spins but i can manage its, just slows me down.

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M3 is actually pretty good with wheelspin...has no low/mid range torque....its kind of hard to get the wheels spinning from a 40 can manage traction with a blower, just get a good set of tires
Ive been running PS2's, and I dont see why they would give me and sort of a traction disadvantage. I think DCT manages traction better, or so it appears to me. Funny you mention a roll from 40. I see a lot of vids with supercharged M3's racing other cars from a second gear roll, and a lot of the time the M3 gets a bad start and you see "M3 lost traction" texting across the screen.

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+1 on driving lessons...
If that was directed towards me, dont worry, its on my short list. I really want to get it done next year