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Drives: 2008 e92 M3
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THanks GUys!

Fully loaded M3 for 36.5K....

Kbb price is 42K...I think I got a good deal because I can trade-in and get some money or be even.

They gave me the BMW History Report and this is what it saids:

09/10/2008- Bowden cable, bonnet sticking/jammed. Fixed
09/08/2008- Micro-filter replaced
02/17/2009- Idle valve permanent malfunction. Fixed
03/30/2009-Micro filter replaced, wiper blades replaced, engine air filter dirty and replaced, 1st engine oil service- full maintenance
05/27/2009- Luggage compartment wiring harness incorrect connection/contact
04/28/2010- Brake fluid change, parking lamp bulb permanent malfunction- fixed, micro-filter replacement, engine oil service after the 1st, vehicle check
10/29/2010- Expansion valve sticking, front seat belts sticking/jammed
05/23/2011- Engine air filter dirty, drink holder front broken, tail light-permanent malfunction, key battery remote permanent malfunction, oil service