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"Older lady", I kinda took that as an old lady. Come on Rolf, stop bustin my nuts! Also if you read my post I mentioned that I "slow down and lay on my horn" to scare them away. I did not in any shape or form advocate speeding up and taking your chances.

Anyways be it old ladies or some other fools that stop in the middle of the road extended period of time, usually to "Gawk at DEER" may have to be held partly responsible if that is what they were doing.

Every time I see deer on the side of the road I slow down and honk in the process, they run away. I do this because there are other drivers behind me or approaching from the other direction who has no idea that there are deer on the road. But for the old lady to just sit there like a bump on the log for a friggin herd to go by is just inviting danger for herself and others! Tell me you can't see any sense in this.
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