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so i got the plenum off and it poped right off....two problems occured that is going to result in me either going to the dealership and paying for 4 hours of labor or just sell the new intake plenum....

1) i have DINAN CARBON FIBER Strut Braces and as a result i cannot move the plenum up, down, left right because they are so thick. the stock struts are flat and that allows movement

2) because of this strut situation i was not able to get the valve that is close to the drivers side on the plenum cause there is just no room for my hands to pull, squeeze, and detach this annoying valve

as a result of my looks like i am going to have to take off the entire front plastic piece near the windshield, remove the strut braces, and then hope that i can get the plenum off and get to that valve by the crivers side.

So do i spend another night trying to do this and then put it all back together, or do i completely waste money and have the dealership do it....I would just hate to have to take all that apart and come to find out i still cant get it off!

4 hours of labor and have my tech at the dealership do it and know its done the right way sounds good to me....expcet its 600 dollars in labor for really a cosmetic part...but i really do want to clean everything out under there..

Lets hear it what do you think is the wise road to take? Or how to bypass taking all that stuff off =?