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Originally Posted by L-Altos View Post
Whenever I read posts like this, I get the urge to supercharge. Then I go for a drive and Im reminded how poor the traction of the rear wheels is. I have a stock 6MT (except for axle back) and 295's in the rear. Any temp less than 70 degrees and a i get excessive wheel spin. Even when its above 70 its not to hard to break them loose. Not to mention it takes about 15-20 to warm up the tires even under ideal temps. So unless Im cruising on the highway, i cant justify the extra power which for me, would get old with constant wheel spin. If I could manage the traction, it would be totally worth it!

And yes, my wheels are properly aligned and I have tried a dozen or more psi settings.
Really?? I purposely try to get wheel spin sometimes and i can then only barely get it