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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I have not seen the turbo lag on the new M5 discussed much but have not read everything out on the car either. What is the consensus?
Turbo lag is more of a problem the smaller the engine and higher the revs. With a relatively low revving 4.4L (and above) V8, it's hardly an issue. On a 2L I4 is a different story.

But not only turbo lag is an issue on turbo engines. So is off/on throttle response and power curve. I MUCH rather own a less powerful NA engine than a turbo one, but the future is clearly heading on the latter's direction. And same thing with the manual transmission, which is a shame. At 50, I thought I'd never be forced to buy a (relatively affordable) turbo and/or automatic sports car before I'm too old to drive a sports car, but could be wrong . We'll see.