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Originally Posted by Thud View Post
Android has built-in google voice search, which is a relatively small subset of the functionality offered by Siri. Google voice is basically just voice recognition combined with web searches (and in some cases, map searches).

Siri adds much more sophisticated AI and the ability to understand context within a "conversation", along with built-in support for geofencing (i.e. remind me to call home when I leave work).

Ask your Android phone to set your alarm for 7am tomorrow, and see what happens. It will probably just search google for "set my alarm for 7am tomorrow" and it will probably just return a list of web sites with people demonstrating Siri's capabilities.

(oh yeah and Siri talks)
yeah, as much as i am not a fan of iPhone, Google Voice Search and other shitty apps in market are no where near Siri. I dont know how useful it is in reality, but it is pretty cool