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Originally Posted by andv1 View Post
Shipping is cheaper than local taxes
This is correct. Sales tax on a ~$5500 item is going to be in the neighborhood of $550 here in the people's soviet socialist republic of commieforniastan. It's a topic for another debate but unless the discount locally made up for the difference I will pay to have a system shipped in from out of state just because I hate the state government of CA not to mention not wanting to waste money.

I will probably have Dinan install it (lol) since they have my tune and as I understand it I will need to have the same sensor monitor removed that their x-pipe systems do because of the change in cats. I'm buying this instead of the x-pipe because this one is TUV and (barely) passes muster with UK MOT where the car is going in a few months for a lengthy stay. Thanks for the responses though, if that Alek guy is also a Dinan dealer I might hit him up for the flash change and installation.