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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
I wasn't blaming the IRL or anybody else. Simply stating something like that is not good for anybody, and things have to change. Just look at the ton of money the IRL spent to promote itself on that last race... all down the drain. Just like Wall Street, some regulation is always needed. Remember the F1 days when drivers were dying every month? Nascar came next after Dale's death. It's IRL's turn now. It's just not safe to run those cars at over 200 mph IMO. If that speed is fast enough for F1 and Nascar, why not IRL?
F1 cars do no run ovals and neither should ANY open wheel car where speeds approach/exceed 200 mph. Open wheel cars require much larger runoff areas to slow their speeds.....which is precisely what F1 has.

Nascar has much larger crumple zone plus (obviously) they have enclosed cockpit and full fender wheels. Huge difference.